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Global Dam Watch brings together a global consortium of researchers and other groups with an interest in information related to dams

Global Dam Watch aims to maintain the world’s most comprehensive and freely available global dam data. This site provides information on the location and characteristics of dam, reservoir, and river barrier datasets at global and regional scales. Data of this nature enables a wide range of groundbreaking new studies related to the social and environmental effects of large-scale dam construction and operation.

The lack of a consistent and regularly updated global dams dataset is a barrier for understanding the impacts of dams, tracking the status of river health over time, and measuring progress towards global goals. There are likely millions of dams and reservoirs on the planet, but despite efforts by individual groups, only a small proportion of them have been mapped.

Global Dam Watch was initiated by leading academic institutions and NGOs that work together to fill this critical gap. Existing data are compiled, cleaned, and curated, and new data are being collected using a variety of innovative methods, from citizen science to remote sensing and machine learning. Global Dam Watch harmonizes these different approaches to create consistent, high quality dam data at the global scale.

Our intention is to grow the initial group of team members, partners, and supporters. Are you interested in participating? Reach out using the form on our Contact page.

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Core Team

Department of Geography, King’s College London

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McGill University

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Tübingen University

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World Wildlife Fund

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European Commission’s Joint Research Centre

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Partners, Sponsors, and Supporters

The Nature Conservancy

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Conservation International

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Amber International

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World Resources Institute

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UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre

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